Who is Brad Doty?

Brad Doty is an experienced professional police officer, NCAA sports official and father. Driven by determination, he takes pride in providing the best service possible. He served in the US Army from 1990 to 1994 and began his law enforcement career as a deputy sheriff in 1994. In 1997, he became a state trooper, and has graduated from the School of Police Staff and Command from Northwestern University. His career achievements have earned him his current title as the Bureau Chief of Idaho’s Alcohol Beverage Control. In addition to his current assignment, he is an active contributor to the Southwest District Health Citizen's Review Panel for abused, neglected or abandoned children. He has four beautiful daughters and places an emphasis on their education and well-being.
My Mission

How I Will Represent You

We here in Idaho are resilient! We need vision, direction, and a plan. Providing opportunities for economic growth in our city while maintaining our community values. This is what makes our city unique.

Our Future

Brad is on the Citizens Review Panel for Southwest District Health. The panel provides formal recommendations for improvements within the Health and Welfare system. This experience has encouraged a strong desire to advocate for our children.

Local Growth

Building an economy that works for all of Caldwell means creating more opportunities for education, training, and good-paying jobs. Caldwell is currently the fastest-growing city in Idaho. Controlling growth will be essential to keep Caldwell an affordable place to live. Small businesses are the foundation to keep our community thriving!

Fiscal Conservatism

Brad will ensure fiscal responsibility while advocating for low taxes, reduced government spending and minimal government debt.
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